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Safeguard your critical data with kloudr’s cloud backup service. Because we know that data loss can be detrimental to your business, we have devised powerful services that provide a safety net for your digital assets, ensuring uninterrupted operations and data continuity for your business.


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Discover What Cloud BACKUP Unveils for Your Business

Data Backup and Restoration

Ensure data continuity with data backup and restoration. kloudr’s experts deploy robust and resilient backup systems designed to safeguard your organization’s vital data. We understand that data loss can disrupt operations and erode trust, which is why our solutions are meticulously designed to offer a safety net. In the event of data loss, our seamless restoration process ensures that your critical data is promptly recovered, minimizing downtime and maintaining business continuity.

Periodic Restoration Drill

Ensure uninterrupted business continuity with kloudr’s periodic restoration drill. kloudr’s data protection team conducts routine restoration drills, meticulously verifying the integrity of backed-up data. This proactive measure guarantees the seamless recovery of vital information whenever needed, ensuring data reliability and accuracy.

Infrastructure Backup

Secure your infrastructure with kloudr’s infrastructure backup. Our comprehensive backup services go beyond protecting data to safeguard your entire digital infrastructure. We recognize that infrastructure failures can have wide-reaching impacts, causing disruptions and downtime. With kloudr’s infrastructure backup solutions, you can ensure quick recovery in the face of such incidents, allowing your organization to swiftly resume operations and maintain service availability.

Microsoft 365 (M365) Backup

Safeguard your M365 data with kloudr’s backup solution. Our specialized backup solutions for Microsoft 365 address the unique challenges of cloud-based collaboration platforms. We understand the value of your M365 data, including emails, documents, and collaboration history. Our backup solutions provide an additional layer of protection against accidental deletion, data corruption, and loss. With kloudr’s M365 backup, you can confidently collaborate without fearing the consequences of data mishaps.

Google Workspace (GWS) Backup

Secure your GWS data with kloudr’s backup solution. Our Google Workspace backup service is tailored to safeguard your organization’s critical data stored within the GWS environment. We recognize the significance of Google Workspace data in modern collaboration, and our backup solutions ensure continuous protection. By implementing kloudr’s GWS backup, you can mitigate the risk of unexpected data loss, preserving the integrity of your collaboration efforts.

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